Prep Dental is pleased to assist, mentor, coach and guide you, step by step, towards the successful obtainment of your dentistry equivalency certificate.

Our courses are offered in down town Montreal to serve as many residents of Eastern Canada as possible.

- Our carefully selected instructors work hard to ensure that their knowledge is effectively transferred to our students. Their expert knowledge of the exam requirements is a valuable competitive advantage for our students.

- Our practice makes perfect. Our students will have access to Dummy Human heads and teeth in order to improve their  clinical skills and decrease the likelihood of unpredictable situations on the final assessment.

- Convenient services within Eastern Canada. Our education centre is strategically located in downtown Montreal, with easy access to public transit....More

Providing competent instructors, the required facilities and the educative environment to help our students achieve the highest success rate on Canadian dentistry equivalency exams in Eastern Canada.

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